Graham D. Dewey

Graham Dustin Dewey, age 21 of Laramie, WY, died on October 15, 2021, resulting from injuries received while repairing a truck. He was the only child of Janet and Chris Dewey, both residents of Laramie, WY.

Graham grew up in Starkville, MS learning to play in nature as well as drive and fix things while living out in the country. As a child he had a great appreciation for learning how things worked and doing things outdoors. He spent endless hours building things, watching and reading Popular Mechanics, and teaching himself French by watching the Magic School Bus in French. Graham moved to Laramie at the age of 10 where he discovered the joys of winter. He enjoyed ice skating, alpine skiing, and fishing with friends. Graham wanted to live in Laramie, WY forever, and hoped someday to buy a small home with a large workshop just out of town and own a vintage Peterbilt.

Graham was a lifelong gearhead and loved anything that had an engine. He was a rail fan and hobbyist, a Ford enthusiast, and dreamed of becoming a pilot. Occasionally he took time out from his automotive endeavors to ski at Snowy Range or hang out at Coal Creek with his family and friends. Graham was proud of his Commercial Driver’s License and his Automotive Service Excellence certifications, both of which he acquired at the age of 19. He worked full-time as a commercial driver and was also an Army National Guard Heavy Vehicle Operator (88M, Specialist), with the Douglas, WY Guard unit.

Graham had a heart as big as Wyoming and was always giving of his time, money, and talents. Graham could often be seen around Laramie driving one of his many old Fords, pulling vehicles out of snowbanks, or fixing the cars of hapless motorists in the O’Reilly’s parking lot. He was always first to reach out with a helping hand and held himself to a high ethical code of behavior in business and his personal life. He was passionate, full of dreams and was always willing to work to reach them. He attracted into his life amazing people and the quality of those people is a testament to the quality of his heart.

Memorial Services will be held at St Matthews Episcopal Cathedral in Laramie at 2:00pm on Thursday, October 28th with the Very Rev. Marilyn Engstrom presiding. A reception at the Depot Railway Museum will follow. The service will also be available to stream through the Church’s website at

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Laramie Railroad Depot Museum, Laramie Interfaith, Laramie Soup kitchen or a charity of your choosing that benefits those who are down on their luck at your location.

“Never afraid to be who he was”

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Condolences (40)

  • Sally Zellers

    Oh Chris and Janet, I am so sorry about Graham! Treasure you memories and the good times you had. Be strong for each other and hang in there!

  • Ann Babiarz

    Please accept my sincerest condolences. Although I did not know Graham personally, I felt as though I did through conversations with Chris and through which I leaned how he had grown from a wonderful boy to a kind and generous young man. May Graham Rest In Peace. Heaven has received an angel. My deepest sympathies to Graham's family and friends and hopes of healing. Ann Babiarz

  • John and Dixie Cartwright

    We are so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and support to you and your family during this difficult time.

  • Avia

    What a cute kid! What a full life for one so young. What a blessing he graced this world even though the time was short. I never met him but I met his parents and so he must have been awesome. My sincere condolences to his mom and dad - may you ever speak of him and keep his memory alive

  • Geoffrey Thyne and Teresa Nealon

    There are no words that can heal the loss, but you have our deepest sympathy for this tragedy.

  • Pania Newell

    Janet, I am so sorry about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • Ashley Banks Parsons

    I was so saddened to learn of the profound loss of Graham. My deepest condolences to his parents, Chris and Janet - my heart breaks for your loss.

  • Madame Paradis

    Please accept my most sincere condolences. I had Graham as a student in French at the Middle School. His love for the French language was contagious. Graham was always so proud and excited to share his knowledge with me and his peers. He will be greatly missed.

  • Anonymous

    What an adventurous young man with so many unique qualities! He will be missed by many.

  • Steve & Brenda Marshall

    We are so sorry for your loss. We were very fond of Graham and will miss him deeply.

  • Punch Williamson

    My deepest condolences to Graham's family and friends. He was an acolyte at St. Matthews Cathedral and later on continued to attend from time to time. He often took the trouble to stop in at the Soup Kitchen to chat with people eating there, and was always ready to help with any project needing work. He loved my collection of old cars, especially the Rolls, which he loved to drive; he told me not to sell it without telling him first! It is always tragic when someone with an entire life ahead meets an untimely death, and his is particularly saddening, given his caring, generous character. May he rest in peace, surrounded by vehicles to work on.

  • Darrel, Donna, and Courtney Schmitz

    We were so shocked and saddened upon the loss of Graham. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

  • Michael Bartl

    Dear Janet: My deepest condolences to you and your family. My thoughts are with you in these most difficult times.

  • Cheryl Sanderhill

    My heart breaks for Graham, and his parents for this untimely thwarting of the plans of a brilliant young man just heading out and charting his own course. I met Graham at work a year ago, at Werner Transportation, before he became employed by his present company. He made me love him instantly with his simple pure goodness. He shared in a few sentences how he was just turned 20 and received special permission at 19 to get his CDL, before the legally required age of 21 due to his army experience. The way he spoke was with true enthusiasm for driving and for trucks. He was genuinely inspiring and smart. We worked nights, meeting in Rock Springs to swap trailers around midnight. I drove from Salt Lakr City- 3 hours each way. Driving big rigs at night was tough, but Graham's willingness to engage in conversation and genuinely share himself and listen to me with equal respect made work fun. I was amazed by his ability to drive not only the 4 hours each way from Cheyenne but the extra 1 hour each way from Laramie to commute to Cheyenne and still have energy to spare. He embodied that commandment: love thy neighbor, perfectly, giving me tips or helping me with anything I needed. He shared the pictures of his latest vintage truck purchases with loving reverence, so that even I could see promise of future usefulness if not glory in their rusted hulks. The day Janet called and introduced herself and gave me the terrible news, I was heading out the door for choir practise and then mass. I was shocked and heart sick. Graham and I had just texted a week earlier to catch up. Thank God! Before mass the whole choir prayed for my friend: "God show Graham the light of your face, have mercy upon him, may he rest in peace." I felt the Holy Spirit stir inside me like to say this prayer had been well received by Graham or heaven or both. Graham made a huge impression and leaves a big hole. I cannot remember the last time I took to someone so wholeheartedly. May God be close and give strength to his grieving parents until they can be reunited with their wonderful boy in eternal life. Thank you Mr and Mrs Dewey for forming such a pleasent decent young man.

  • David Close

    I want to send my condolences for you both, as Graham was a child whose spirit was as bright as the sun. As a child he was full of joy and energy and even though I didn’t get the pleasure of knowing him as a adult, I’m glad he was able to spread that energy and kindness to others. You all will be in my heart and prayers.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Janet Our deepest condolences. Our hearts go out to you and your family on this unexpected and unfortunate loss. Please take care. Milind

  • Adri van Duin

    Dear Janet, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you and your family.

  • Subhash Risbud

    Hi Janet, I am very deeply saddened to hear the shocking news of your son's death. My condolences to you and your family. I pray to God to give you the inner strength as you cope with this tragedy., Subhash Risbud

  • Greeshma Gadikota

    Janet, I am very sorry for your untimely loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

  • Darryl Butt

    So sorry for your loss, Janet and Chris. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Brian Hunter

    Met Graham when our family first started attending St. Matthew's. He was always a familiar face as an acolyte and member of youth group. Appreciated his passion for vintage trucks and his many aspirations. Have not seen Graham for a while, but his passing was a shock to hear, and he will be missed by many here in Laramie and at St. Matthew's. May God bless Graham and his family. He was a good hand.

  • John M Thomas

    Janet we were shocked and saddened to hear about the accident that took Graham's life. He will always bring a smile to our faces when we think about him. We met him at a very young age and were blown away by his fascination with anything mechanical. We feel that he probably has already changed the world for better. Hope you know we are thinking of you at this time and wishing there was something we could do! John and Jo

  • Jennie Lawrence

    I was saddened to hear about Graham's death. He always tried to pull a fast one with me. The Army recruiters had been to visit Whiting, and I had a big cube of Army post it notes on my desk. He would always try to steal them away, but would wait for me to admonish him, with a big grin on his face. He was so proud when he installed a 5th wheel hitch in one of his trucks. He took me out into the parking lot to show me. I always teased him, and told him he should sell all those old trucks, and take the money and buy a new one. But he did love his old Ford trucks. I have fond memories of Graham.

  • Rob Thornton

    I grieve both for Graham and for the two of you. I'm sending all my love. Please know that you're on my mind every day. Graham was a wonderful child when I knew him and I wish I'd gotten to know him as an adult.

  • Emily Brinegar

    Graham was always so nice to everyone no matter what. Every time he saw me he would always say “well hello Ms.Brinegar”. He was so kind. He will be greatly missed. I will be praying for his family♥️

  • kenneth zakaib

    My name is Kenneth M. Zakaib I am a 65 year old Canadian, out of Montreal Quebec Canada. I was deeply shocked , and saddened, to finally reply to what I thought was "Doc" Dewey's calls left on my phone; as I was taken up with pre -operative tests, and what not; to hear from Janet Dewey His mother, that Graham "Doc" had died. At 20 years old! This news hit me, like a freight train! @ 20 years old! I am a man of Faith. I am not a perfect Christian. But , I could not face life without Christ! I was talking Ford F6004x4 Mechanics with DOC. He soaked up what ever I taught Him. I did not talk faith to him. I kept it to truck issues. And he was so enthusiastic! What a loss! I did mention him in my prayers prior to his death; and now way more! Our Lord Jesus is the judge of all who make it, into his kingdom! If I am so fortunate; I hope I will see Graham, "DOC" Dewey there, where we can share fellowship again, and not just on the phone! Memory Eternal . Kenneth M. Zakaib.

  • Martha Ruble

    I had the privilege of working with Graham and seeing him mature in to the person he was. He will be missed dearly. So sorry for your loss, it is heartbreaking.

  • Janice Sexton

    I got to know Graham first through his Dad and the many stories he shared with me over the last year; the pride and bond between father and son was one I don't believe I have ever witnessed. I got to know Graham personally as we were both in his Dad's martial arts class. Graham had such a childlike spirit while displaying also kindness and respectfulness.....He helped me in uderstanding some of the lessons and moves we were learning, being cautious and careful not to hurt me. Laramie and the world have lost an amazing, gentle, kind, accomplished, sweet young life that had so very much to offer. I know Chris and Janet will always have a hole in there hearts and a void that will never be filled, but they can go on so proud of their precious son and the short life he lived and the man he was. Graham will be dearly missed by so very very many......Janice

    • Cheryl Sanderhill

      This captures Graham well as do the other stories and expressions of grief shock and condolence, but you say it all well. Thank you. I struggle to put my thoughts into words at a time like this. Thank you for saying it for me.

  • Kim Zafft

    Janet, I am incredibly sorry to hear about Graham. Although I had not seen him for several years I heard about his mechanical success and the joy it brought him. I fondly remember the years he played goalie with the Outlaws and he shared equipment with my son, Erik. He had such heart and always kept a smile on his face no matter how many pucks came his way. He was a memorable individual and a very special person. My heart goes out to you, your family and all of Grahams friends. Kim, Dave, Erik and Ryan Zafft

  • deborah kassner

    I met Graham this summer when a mutual friend brought him over to our house. Such a nice guy. My deepest sympathies to Graham's friends and family.

  • Leann Naughton

    Janet and Chris, I am so very sorry! I know Dustin was your Everything and how your life revolved around him. He will always be remembered by us and the hockey community. Leann, Jon, Kian, and Evan Naughton

  • Kyla J Bressler

    I had the privilege of calling Graham my friend since 6th grade. I distinctly remember how awestruck I was with how smart he was and how much he cared about me. Memories of birthday parties, me "helping"( I'm just glad he kept me around for moral support) him with the projects he always had going on and him laughing at my lack of motor skills, but insisting that my height wouldn't inhibit me from driving big rigs like him, laughing when I called his box truck cute, riding around in his many trucks, taking me out for icecream just because and the countless conversations that I cant seem to have with anyone else in the same way. And the last sentence was so spot on, Graham was never afraid to be who he was, that was one of the greatest things I learned from him, and that smile, I don't think I'll ever stop missing that. All my heart, Kyla Bressler

  • Debra Owens

    Remembering Graham as a student in the library at LJHS is a joy! What an interesting young man, and a caring individual. When I met him I told him how wonderful to have such a famous name as Dewey. My deepest sympathies to family and friends.

  • Erin Lovell

    This obituary describes Graham perfectly. I remember when he drove his motorcycle over to my apartment complex to fix my car free of charge. Every time I saw Graham he had a smile on his face. He was so kind and cared deeply for others even if they were strangers to him. Although he can’t physically care for others now, his actions will touch the lives of many people including myself forever. My love and support goes out to Janet and Chris Dewey. Graham will be missed dearly.

  • The Londos

    So many memories of Graham and too many to post. He was a part of our life in Starkville and his passing has come as a great shock and loss to us all. We have never met a child who always tried to unravel the workings of anything and everything around him. He always made everyone smile!!

  • Michael Dee

    Graham and I worked at Perkins in Laramie together, and he was just great to work with. Always full of energy and had a tenacity to get after it in the workplace. He often times came up front to ask how things were going and if we needed an extra pair of hands. My favorite memories of him, would be when he’d pull up to Perkins late on my shift, on his day off, and just chat with me about his love for Cars, Trucks and anything of the sort over a slice of pie. Hearing this news hurts real deep, and I am so sorry for his family, and our Perkins family, for whom he touched deeply. He never failed to leave me smiling, and that is a rare trait that can’t be taught or learned.

  • Jadzriel Mallery-Coulter

    I send my condolences to Grahams family. He was like a brother and a best friend that was part of my everyday life. Always asking to come watch Criminal Minds cause he didn't have Netflix, always saying "Yes dear" any time I told him to take off his shoes, telling me I was like a weird older sister, always saying "later" in his own drawled accent after I said "adios", coming up with the most smart ass come backs, cackling that weird laugh when he came up with a devious plan, saying "That was a good one" when he heard something witty, telling me about the next truck he's getting, pating my head whenever I got mad at him and giving that big bear hug anytime he left. These memories and many others will live on as we come to remember him.

  • Becky Pearce

    I am so sorry about the loss of what I remember as one of the nicest young men I ever had in class in 36 years as an educator. My heart is broken. Graham hung out a lot in my classroom when he was in junior high. He came in for lunch and oftentimes after school. He usually had a great story to share with me or a trick he wanted to share. He was bright and creative and I will always remember his ornery looking smile and that glimmer in his eye. He brought a smile to my face. I will always remember his many inventions and the trailers he pulled behind his bike. Graham shared stories with me about how he loved his family and enjoyed spending time with them. Graham, I will never forget you and your kind and generous heart. Mrs. Becky Pearce


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