Charles R. Bixler

Charles Ross Bixler, 93, of Laramie, died Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at his home surrounded by his family.

Charles was born on October 7, 1928 in Parco (now Sinclair) WY.  His parents, Charles Edward & Pearl Dee (Bowers) Bixler welcomed him to their family of one brother Elvin Dee and sister, Betty Ellen Merrill (another sister, Violet Zoe had died in infancy).  After losing his father when he was two, his mother remarried to Harley Roy Moore.  The Bixler children were devastated when they lost their mother soon after.  Harley remarried (Opal) Inez Tipton and the family was soon joined by another brother, William Arthur “Bill” Moore.  They grew up on the Quaking Aspen Ranch outside of Encampment/Riverside WY.  

Charles was very punctual and studied hard, there was no school bus system, and his parents worked the ranch; the siblings road horses to school, attending the one room schoolhouse on Bear Creek.  He won several essay contests and was active in the local association of the FFA, Loch Leven Chapter.  He graduated in 1946; attending numerous Proms including the one for the Junior Class of 1947 (escorting Ema, of course).  Charles worked there in Encampment.

Charles and Ema Laura (Wolfard) were married at the Presbyterian Church in Encampment WY on September 9, 1951.  They moved to Saratoga where they had two daughters, Mabel Laurinda and Ema Charlee (EC); soon they embarked to Denver CO.

In the early 1960’s, Charles worked as a maitre d ‘at The Park Lane Hotel Rooftop restaurant (Top of the Park).  His girls (Mabel & Ema Charlee) remember getting to go see him at work and being allowed to have a Shirley Temple.  The apartment the Bixlers’ lived in during that brief period in Denver had a Concord grape arbor.  Such yummy grapes (per EC).

Charles decided to seek work at the University of WY as the Lead Computer Operator.  The whole basement of Main Hall was the computer center – no really, the computer was that large!  As Technology progressed, they moved the computer center down in the basement of one of the Science buildings.  They moved into a square house on the corner of 7th and Lewis St (considered then a “crackerbox” house) with a small yard, garden, and within walking distance of the campus/work.  The Bixlers had another daughter, MariAn.  Charles continued working with computers as they got smaller and smaller.  He enjoyed many activities within the United Presbyterian Church: Sunday School teacher, Bible Study Facilitator, College Student hosts, and other hobbies included hiking, bowling, but most of all reading.  

Charles retired from the University after 30 years of service.  By that time the Computer center was in the Old Ivinson Hospital building with Campus Police and other departments.  His health continued to wreck havoc with him between his shoulders/rotator cuffs, his knees, and back and his eyesight.  Thank God for technology and books on tapes (lol) no, CDs.

With both his and Ema Laura’s health declining, his oldest daughter, Mabel, retired (again) from Civil Service and came to live in Laramie with them.  Having Mabel and his middle daughter EC (and her boys) was a true Godsend.

Charles lost Ema Laura earlier in the year, and he tried to continue to be active, but more and more his knees/legs gave out.  Charles was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with his youngest daughter MariAn and her husband Bob in Cheyenne.  

Charles loved being surrounded by family and friends.  He was quiet, sweet, and very loving; his steadfast faith in the Lord was experienced by many who just knew him.  

Charles joined many loved ones that we have lost – until we meet again in Heaven:

Rest in Peace Father, Grandpapa, Brother, Uncle, and Friend.  Dance like no one is watching!

Per Charles’ request, no services will be scheduled. In lieu of flowers and cards, please consider making a memorial donation in Charles’ name to a charity of your choice.  If you are ever in Encampment, please stop by the Cemetery and sit on the rock under the tree where a memorial plaque is placed.

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Condolences (8)

  • Jasmine Wolff

    I cannot believe it has been 18 days since you’ve been gone. Here’s to the start of a New Year. I know you, along with Grandmama, are watching us all and I’m glad that you are at peace. So many memories with you; playing cards, scrabble, and even visiting the many states while I was growing up. It was aways nice to have you visiting. I remember that meant you got to relax, watch me play, and even read to me. You made it to ninety-three, and spent sixty-nine years married to Grandmama. I’m sure you two have been reconnected and enjoying the milestones that you both have made; three daughters, four grandchildren, many great grandchildren, and road trips to visit family. Know I’m missing you dearly, I’ll always remember you Grandpapa, and have a piece of you in my heart. Sending my love from Wisconsin to all of my family.

  • MariAn Bixler Turner

    Why?!?! Lord - WHY did you take away someone very near and dear to me…?!?! Why now? Why not after the holidays?! Now this time of year will be very hard to bear. I know - You were born to bear our sins and be our Strength, Guide, and Savior…sigh….but it’s SO, so hard to understand what Your plan is for me! Dad, did you recognize me that day? I tried to tickle your big toe and make you smile. I loved your laugh and smile. I loved when you joked (um, we both know mom didn’t though). I loved your kind, compassionate, quiet, steadfast and patient nature. My fondest memories, Papa, include: reading just like you did (I was either on the floor behind your chair or under that octagonal-shaped table); peeking into Old Main to see you at work where the computers were for awhile - that’s when we lived on the corner of 7th and Lewis (in that tiny square “cracker-box” house; there was the coolest old tree (type?) on the Univ of WY campus that you’d let me play on; you taught me how to swim in the Saratoga Hot Pool; we would ride bikes to school or work or to the libraries together (either to the Albany County library or the one at the university); do you remember us working on puzzles with Grandma Wolfard; or playing cards like Canasta, Samba, Pinochle, and others; and watching Hawaii Five-O on the black and white tv in the basement (we had to sit on the stairs!); and the last time we were together at Thanksgiving (you and Mabel joined Bob and I for dinner in Cheyenne) so many memories and no time now to reminisce. I was planning on getting pictures and videos put on DVDs or thumb drive. I only wish I had done it sooner! I am so sorry… Dad, you always said I was your little girl. Wasn’t I? Now I know you told us three girls each that! At least we knew you truly loved us and despite any discipline you might have had to dish out, that just made you such a strong, steadfast, resilient, brave, and unwavering. It seemed like I was an only child once Mabel and Ema Charlee (EC) had left the nest (sorry sisters) - I remember the times we were up at the Presbyterian Church Camp Skyline - outside of Encampment or Riverside - enjoying hiking, campfires, and worshiping at the John Carnine Chapel in the quaking aspen trees; you were always helping with the church: helping with the offering during church services, ushering, being a college advisor, deacon, and bible study member. I also remember the hard(er) times when you couldn’t see enough to drive anymore; your knees, shoulders, and neck became arthritic and you had a hard time getting around; you couldn’t ride your bike anymore and even reading became difficult to do; you seemed happy but maybe you were suffering more than we realized and didn’t want to tell us - not wanting to hurt our feelings…maybe, but I wish you had! Mabel said you had eaten and then threw everything up. I was trying to help her clean it up and when I returned to your side, it seemed like you were choking - perhaps it was just your way of telling us it was time. I took one picture and you were looking upward. Was someone calling to you? Welcoming you home to Jesus and all of your family, friends and of course Mom?! Was the pain too much to bear? Did we do anything wrong? Were you so unhappy and didn’t want to/couldn’t tell us to stop or to change? I just wanted to say to anyone who knew you: reflect on the many people you helped “save” over the course of your life (physically, mentally & most of all spiritually); I hope we all can reflect on the other people out there who perhaps helped (save) us or you along the way. I tear up at times – just reflecting, thinking and being proud of knowing you – but most of all being your daughter. Daddy, Papa, Father, Grandpapa, Uncle, Brother, and Friend: Until I get to see you in Heaven, please watch over us and be my guardian angel. I wish you could have been here to see the newest addition to the Wolff pack — a great-grandson but maybe you have met him already?! Lots of love Your youngest daughter MariAn

  • Becky Riley

    Ema, Josh, and extended family, we send our condolences and hugs. Charles will be missed. He is with the love of his life in heaven. Chris and Becky

  • Ercella J Stevenson

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have great memories of playing cards with mom, Aunt Ema and Uncle Charles. Ya know they are probably playing canasta now. I love you all and may God give you comfort and strength. Ercella

  • Kevin Bohnenblust

    To Mabel, Ema and MariAn, I'm so sorry to learn of your father's passing. He was a fine person, and personified living the Christ-like life. I hope fond memories, and God's peace, are a comfort to you now and in the days ahead.

  • Anonymous

    Rest In Peace. The world is now short a great man.

  • Michael Gannon

    I worked with Charles. Went to coffee with him all the time when I lived in Laramie. So sad. Mike!


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